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Free Affirmations 🔮$5.55 For New Subs $8.88 For Returning Subs 🔮 These offers are only during and on the live streams. Please request via the live stream chat only. It's on subs only mode so you will have to subscribe in order to participate. 🔮 submitted by GiftedSoul777 to PsychicServices [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 17:05 adanchalino Monitor mensual de emisoras atractivas en Bolsa Mexicana | Diciembre 2021

Monitor mensual de emisoras atractivas en Bolsa Mexicana | Diciembre 2021 Comparto monitor del mes. Para detalle acerca del por qué de los indicadores puedes consultar mi post del mes pasado.
Movimientos interesantes desde el mes pasado:
  • Nemak, que por varias métricas resaltaba como una emisora barata, durante el mes ofreció un retorno del 15.2%. Resto de emisoras baratas se mantuvieron en mismos niveles o incluso se abarataron más.
  • Lamosa, que aparecía como empresa de alta calidad y barata pero con señales técnicas de sobrecompra continuó con una tendencia positiva, al ofrecer un retorno del 26%. Walmex, que se caracteriza por ser de alta calidad, presentando un ajuste de 5.8%.
Price to book
  1. GICSA 0.12x
  2. CREAL 0.16x
  3. HCITY 0.33x
  4. VITRO 0.39x
  5. ARA 0.39x
  1. MEDICA 2.7x
  2. BACHOCO 2.9x
  3. NEMAK 3.9x
  4. AUTLAN 4.3x
  5. ALFA 4.8x
Dividend Yield
  1. FCFE 11.4%
  2. FHIPO 10.9%
  3. FIBRAMQ 7.5%
  4. TERRA 6.5%
  5. CMOCTEZ 5.8%
  1. CMOCTEZ 43.5%
  2. LAMOSA 20.7%
  3. WALMEX 20.2%
  4. BOLSA 19.2%
  5. MEDICA 18.4%
RSI (Relative Strenght Index)
  1. GICSA 12.3
  2. SPORTS 22.1
  3. FEMSA 26.7
  4. VITRO 30.1
  5. TERRA 32.1
% off from 52 weeks high
  1. CREAL 57.8%
  2. AEROMEXICO 50.3%
  3. AXTEL 50.1%
  4. TELEVISA 31.7%
  5. VOLARIS 29.6%
Conclusión de este mes
Ajustes de mercado provocando un par de efectos interesantes. Por un lado, empresas de baja bursatilidad y baratas, abaratándose aún más, como es el caso de GICSA y SPORTS, que se encuentran en un modo de supervivencia por sus modelos de negocio. Por otro lado, comienzan a aparecer oportunidades atractivas en empresas de calidad probada y que tipicamente suelen cotizar a valuaciones más altas, como el caso de WALMEX.
Mención especial a FEMSA que se encuentra muy cerca de alcanzar la sagrada trinidad: empresa de calidad, valuación atractiva y acción sobrevendida. Sin duda un nivel de entrada atractivo para un inversionista de largo plazo.
Puedes seguirme en:
Aclaración: mis artículos no son recomendaciones de compra o venta. Son ejercicios en base a información pública con el mero propósito de discusión con los lectores.
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2021.12.06 17:05 risotto5 Should I get another credit card?

Hi guys, so this is what is happening the past week a got a call from a bank because they offered me a credit card, with a free membership for live, there's no monthly minimum or anything.
I have another two credit cards with another bank, but to be honest I just got them and use them because of the special discounts or for getting points and I don't want to brag but I have an excellent credit record.
I always pay on time, I made a buy and I pay it the next day.
I say no, I didn't take the new credit card, but yesterday I saw a lot of offers in food delivery (LOL i know) but only if you use the credit for the bank that called me. So today I'm thinking in calling the bank and get the credit bank.
What would you say? it's a good a idea got another credit card? honestly I would just use it for the disccounts and offers and since there's no membership or montly minimum i think it can't hurt right?
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2021.12.06 17:05 artman_16 [FOR HIRE] artist available for work (Paid) line work, inking, coloring and lettering.

[FOR HIRE] artist available for work (Paid) line work, inking, coloring and lettering. submitted by artman_16 to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 17:05 AnotherBadPlayer An old poker hand from my glory days

2010ish. Filling in details with lies because I can't remember everything.
Small time 1 table Italian mob protected joint in Staten Island. Where the players are high and the rake is somehow higher. It's 5/5 nl because there are no white chips. I'm there because I'm a schmuck.
I'm having a decent evening up a few hundred bucks. Things seem to be settling down so I'm about to leave. The host of course says "There's 2 or 3 crazy Russian guys coming. Those guys are crazy man you're gonna wanna stay." I stay because I'm a degenerate schmuck.
About an hour later 1 sane looking Russian guy in tinted yellow Russian glasses walks thru the door. Turns out he's connected to the Russian mob and he's got his own game in town. Probably came over for some sportsbook shit they work together on or who the fuck knows.
He sits down for $1000 on my left. He's in the 1 seat and I'm in the 10 seat. He and I are making the game good raising with our nonsense preflop and everybody else is playing badly postflop. It's the kind of game where if somebody raises and somebody else calls, then the next guy calls because they know the next guy will call too, and they do. Things are going well for the both of us considering the "non stop ass rape rake" when "The Hand" comes up.
I've got $2000 or so, he's up to maybe $1600. A few limps and I look down at pocket 6s in the cutoff. I raise to $35. He starts looking around the room like a mouse is scurrying on the ground or something and re-raises to $150 on the button. I haven't played with him much but I'm thinking this means a strong hand. Limpers fold to me and I call.
Flop is 56T with 2 spades. I check second set with glee. He shakes his head and his hands shake as he pushes out 2 red stacks for a $200 bet. I want him to think I'm pondering a call but all I'm really thinking about is Vegas and the fucking Mirage. After about 20 seconds or so I announce raise and put 6 stacks of reds in making it $600 total. There's not a lot of green chips because the owners are assholes.
The Russian guy starts motioning with his hands like he's signaling somebody to land a helicopter. Trying to figure out how he could be beat just shaking his head looking at the board then over to me. After about he minute he says "I call" and shoves another $400 in and turns over Pocket Aces. I say "Woah jkdfgoginuxmcimcfd;lm sir but I still have chips" and he goes "WHAT?!?!" and turns his hand back over. I hadn't seen the suits but knew 1 ace was red and the other was black.
I wasn't hiding anything and the rest of my chips were very clearly in front of me. I'm still a schmuck and a little intimidated by his Russianness and eyewear so I offer to check it down with him. He doesn't respond to this. I say again "Hey man, let's just check it down alright? Check it down man trust me, let's just check it down."
All the commotion has summoned the 2 guys who are running the joint that day to see what's happening. Russian guy just has disgusted look on his face and is angry. Dealer gets confirmation that the hand will continue and is told to just put out the turn. Turn is a a low card, a 3rd spade. I'm not sure if had the ace of spades in his hand or not. I check and motion him that he should check as well. I just want this to be over since I'm an awkward penguin. He finally does the right thing and checks.
River is a blank no spade and my set of 6s are still boss. I check. This is where the hand should end right? WRONG. Guy bets out $200. Now I'm inexplicitly pissed. I look at him, then the floor guys, then back at this guy.
Well guess what, no more Mr. Nice Schmuck. I take $200 and say "FINE. I'M ALL IN." I've got the Russian covered for like another $800 in his stack. Then he stands up and yells at me "THAT'S A REAL FUCKING ASSHOLE MOVE YANNO." He's fucking steaming to high heaven. I just sit there staring at him like the dope that he is this hand. After another minute or 2 of animation he calls and sees the bad news.
Then he really starts exploding. "MOTHERFUCKER" and then straight into Russian that I couldn't understand. It felt really nice. Then he points at me and goes "You're a fucking asshole you know that? That's a real fucking asshole move what you did there"
Well connected or not fuck this guy. I said "You're a stupid fucking jerkoff you asshole. I offered like 5 times to check the fucking thing down but you're a fucking retard. Fuck you." Something like that. He gets mad and says more crazy Russian curses while being more animated than wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman. He was probably just talking about snow and perogies and shit so it's all good. But then he lunges at me telling me I'm a fucking dead man.
The 2 hosts grab a hold of angry Russian and drag him into the back while he screams Russian obscenities. Since they saw the hand, know I'm action, and know I'm respectful, they were thankfully on my side and explained to the Russian how he was in the wrong. The Russian comes to his senses and appears from the back a few minutes later after regaining his composure and says "I'm sorry sir. That was wrong of me" and shakes my hand. The world goes on and everything is ok.
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2021.12.06 17:05 wtt90 Do we have a running list of all the major insiders selling and higher ups resigning? If not, we should crowd source this.

I’ll edit this post with comments from folks giving me info. Links would be great but I’m lazy, supposed to be working and doing this odd the cuff - so here’s my small start.
NYSE chair
Selling Microsoft CEO (50% $0.25b) Tesla insiders (Musk $10b) Bezos (Amazon $10b) Waltons (Walmart $6b) Zuckerberg (Facebook $4.5b) Larry page (Google $1.5b) Sergey Brin (Google $1.5b) Adam Aron (paperhands StickyFloor $25m)
And a list of people not selling: GME insiders
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2021.12.06 17:05 CKsTechnologyNews Wi-Fi routers used by millions had 226 security flaws

Wi-Fi routers used by millions had 226 security flaws submitted by CKsTechnologyNews to CKsTechNews [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 17:05 pixelfixation Newbie: Board game LED score board idea, how hard is this can a Nano handle it?

Newbie: Board game LED score board idea, how hard is this can a Nano handle it? submitted by pixelfixation to arduino [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 17:05 postmastern Россияне в декабре смогут увидеть почти десять метеорных потоков

Россияне в декабре смогут увидеть почти десять метеорных потоков Астроном Александр Якушечкин рассказал, что в декабре жители России смогут наблюдать восемь метеорных потоков, включая наиболее мощный и известный из них – Геминиды, передает РИА «Новости».
(с) Виталий Тимкив/РИА «Новости»
По его словам, один из первых потоков последнего месяца этого года, поток Фи-Кассиопеиды активен 1-8 декабря. Его открыли в 2011 году, когда автоматическими камерами был обнаружен всплеск активности метеоров с радиантом на границе Андромеды и Кассиопеи. Метеоры этого потока являются очень медленными. До 15 декабря активен поток Пуппиды-Велиды. Максимум активности 6–7 декабря, а радиант находится в Южном полушарии, в бывшем созвездии Корабль Арго. Декабрьские Моноцеротиды из созвездия Единорога — слабый поток, как и предыдущий. Максимум его активности придется на 8–11 декабря. Еще один — с неизвестным происхождением, максимум которого будет наблюдаться 10–11 декабря, — Северные/Южные хи-Ориониды.
«На 13–14 декабря приходится максимум потока Геминиды — самого активного потока декабря», — заявил Якушечкин.
Он отметил, что это один из самых ярких, интенсивных и интересных потоков.
Еще один декабрьский поток — Кома-Берениды. Радиант потока расположен в созвездии Льва, его максимум — 16 декабря. Метеорный поток Урсиды с максимумом активности 22–23 декабря — последний известный астрономам поток декабря, добавил Якушечкин.
Источник: НаукаГазетаРу
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2021.12.06 17:05 popcornboiii Hasanabi Reacts to 4chan Take on Joe Rogan

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2021.12.06 17:05 filmcomposer12 Looking for someone to master my electronic/indie folk ep

Hi everyone! I'm an indie artist and I just finished up my first ep. It's 5 tracks long and they're kind of varying in genre, but overall I would describe it as indie folk/electronica/experimental. I'm looking to pay someone to master the whole ep for me. I already released 2 as singles that I mastered myself but I want them professionally mastered for the ep release. Here's a couple links to songs I think fit my vibe. It seems a bit all over the place but I'm hoping it makes sense haha. If anyone's interested or knows of anyone who might be, please send me a message!
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2021.12.06 17:05 Pointless_Adventures Flag of Detroit Fixed, editing might be a little messy so feel free to touch it up if you want.

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2021.12.06 17:05 heartdeco Random Housewife Discussion #14: Wendy Osefo (RHOP)

Am I a Wendy Osefo fan? I have nine degrees tick tock Felicia what!!
As she's currently riding the heady crest of meme fame (I hope Taylor Armstrong has texted her some pointers), it feels like an apt time to check in with Dr. Wendy and see how things are going. At times, in her second season, the differences were so stark, it felt like the shadow self killed the real woman (a la Us) -- but maybe it was just the inevitable life progression of a tenured professor into a candle bimbo, as so often happens.
Either way, access a place of nirvana and share your Zen Wen thoughts below.
Previously: Sonja Morgan | D'Andra Simmons | Cindy Barshop | Siggy Flicker | Mary Cosby | Brandi Glanville | NeNe Leakes | Aviva Drescher | Charrisse Jackson Jordan | Jackie Goldschneider | Jeana Keough | Cary Deuber | Melissa Gorga
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2021.12.06 17:05 DotBeneficial In my single

In my single submitted by DotBeneficial to Minecraft [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 17:05 no-scope_king 5 color not 5 color spell.

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2021.12.06 17:05 Chicken-__-Chaser Let’s see those work stations 🧼

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2021.12.06 17:05 noviaccou Simplii Bank Referral Link to earn 50$

To get the bous must make a deposit of at least $100 within 6 months after account opening, and maintain a minimum balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
Click on link below to open account
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2021.12.06 17:05 sj_ghost20 M4M car play who’s down on the southside rn

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2021.12.06 17:05 CoffeeSlutt Never going to buy another Bethesda Fallout again

New to Fallout 4 as I was skeptical if I'd enjoy it with the bad reviews I've seen. Playing it confirmed what I feared. Weapon variety is terrible, as is the armor variety. So many different weapons that are identical with different names and stats. Diamond City Radio is boring. Not a fan of how limited the dialogue is and how on rails the mission objectives are. For example, in New Vegas you could complete a mission 2-5 different ways and each way of completing it would have its own rewards and consequences. No playthrough was the same. I also don't like the skill trees since everything is dependent on your SPECIAL stats with no branches based on science, heavy weapons, medicine, repair etc. It's way too streamlined and doesn't leave much space for replayability since you can unlock every skill in one playthrough and max your SPECIAL. It's like the game forgets it's an RPG.
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2021.12.06 17:05 keyboardworryer Am I?

Am I shadowbanned?
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2021.12.06 17:05 Alto-cientifico vivimos en una sociedad donde se programar

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2021.12.06 17:05 Few_Effective_1311 Hello !

Im giving away a free award to the 3rd different person that comments on this post.
Good luck !
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2021.12.06 17:05 Murky-Merky Who is the creator of this sub? 🤔

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2021.12.06 17:05 heinaga1989 Not a loss if you don't sell

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2021.12.06 17:05 Billiam201 Just saw this one on LinkedIn. It may have been here before, but I couldn't resist.

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