Celebratory gift for partner who just finished 52 book challenge?

2021.12.06 18:35 JCEssentials Celebratory gift for partner who just finished 52 book challenge?

My partner just finished reading 52 books this year. I want to give her a gift to celebrate. She reads mostly from the library and on Libby.
I'd like to get her a book related gift (that's not a book) to celebrate. She already has a book journal.
I once read that I can subscribe to NYC library for something like $50 a year and it offers a lot that perhaps our small library's in VT don't offer?
Any recommendations? Thank you!
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2021.12.06 18:35 Telis101 New space marine battleforce

Is the new shield breaker mission space marine battleforce a good starting point for a dark angels army?
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2021.12.06 18:35 WatchingBurner206505 Current Shipping Times

Ordered a 13 pro last week Monday and it says it's supposed to arrive Dec 7 - Dec 14. The order still says "processing" and has for a week. Is it normal to have a "processing" that long? Ordered lots of Apple products and I can't say I've seen this happen this way before.
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2021.12.06 18:35 Turbofied would you want some sort of Jacobite mechanic in VicIII?

Obviously Jacobitism was mainly defeated after 1746 but during the reign of Queen Victoria it did make a small comeback mainly in the upper class and even Victoria herself at one point claimed to be a Jacobite, and before WWI it almost looked as if Jacobitism would become an actual political force with the neo-Jacobite revival, however it was destroyed as WWI came and destroyed Britain's national psyche. How could VIC III incorporate some sort of Jacobitism while playing as the UK? or would you even want that in the game?
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2021.12.06 18:35 Bread_Responsible Rasenshuriken question

Why couldn’t he throw it in regular mode but could in sage mode? Also now that he’s stronger is he able to use it in regular mode?
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2021.12.06 18:35 Jake_Titicaca "Yare Yare Dawa" Jolyne Cujoh & 『Stone Free』| Singularity (Default, Durr) | Holo-Back (Rainbowfly) | Reese (Sapphire Reese)

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2021.12.06 18:35 VV4LENTINO Any offers? got an extra

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2021.12.06 18:35 mx-dragon Can I be pangender but identify more with one gender?

Hi it's KaiseZydrate and I recently discovered I feel like every gender.
However, even being transmasc, I seem to identify more with being nonbinary.
Is this still pangender?
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2021.12.06 18:35 nowak_g PashaBiceps to Debut as MMA Fighter in Combat Sports

Our Boi wanna give some headshots irl.
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2021.12.06 18:35 TravisWWE12 Tiffany Stratton

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2021.12.06 18:35 Exciting_Remote_6523 What would you do

Short version. Discharged 2012 Denied GI Bill 2012 SC 10% (tinnitus) 2016 VRE start 2019 9/11 apply and approved 2021 (with retro to 2019 vre full amount bah) 100% solely for PTSD SC 2021 (+10% for 2016 condition)
Discharged with honorable characterization “condition not related to a disability” in 2012
Should I seek to get paid stemming from discharge date? If I can upgrade my characterization to service connected disability. (Aka the 100% PTSD!)Would I get retro for all these years? Also eligible for 50% for 36 months 911 bill after I graduate from VRE If I can upgrade characterization would this allow me 100% for 36 months? I was discharged from a psych ward and then discharged from the military. No Med board offered or done. I started having flashbacks this year and remember what transpired. I was award 100% within 2 months of filing. I guess the documents were always there. I just forgot I was in a psych ward before and what led me to getting in it. I did this all without legal help from attorneys and unsure if I need one to secure retro if warranted?
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2021.12.06 18:35 MissNRM Too Young Quiet - Brand New Christmas

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2021.12.06 18:35 jpey_814 Nightfall rotation

When will the nightfall rotation change next? I'm trying to finish the tangled shore triumph seal before it leaves the game, and the only one I have left that I'm concerned about is getting 100k on the Warden of Nothing Nightfall. Will the NF rotation change before witch queen, or am I going to be one triumph short?
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2021.12.06 18:35 PunaTic_4_EvA Monster(A) Monday. I’m reposting a few growing in my yard. East Big Island Hawaii. Not houseplants. Monsters.

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2021.12.06 18:35 boris777dit DEXGEM

This project is indeed very hands on and aware of what will be the easy way to gain not for just money but for the trust of people here in crypto world
More info about project: https://dexgem.com/
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2021.12.06 18:35 ThrowRaqw09585 Hello

My husband isn’t sleeping with me anyway
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2021.12.06 18:35 uzu_afk Fellow redditors! Tonight, we have reached new levels of pettiness! Rejoice!

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2021.12.06 18:35 wright007 Quipuswap Down?

I am seeing Quipuswap 404 errors, and am unable to load much of the website. Is the site experiencing downtime or maintenance?
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2021.12.06 18:35 iceman694 I am so very dumb and idk what to do help 😭

My school is having an egg roll sale and I bought 2 dozen because I love egg rolls. I placed the order this morning and payed after school because my mom had the money. I hand the money to the teacher and she says thank you and I walk out. I get outside and think "she didn't give me change" but it was only $1 I'm fine. So I get into the car and look in my wallet, I handed the teacher a 1 dollar bill instead of a $5 bill 😭 help what do I do 😭😭
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2021.12.06 18:35 SaraCacau i made this commission for the guy in insta, he imaginatade a metal vegiemon. i made this. i loved and i want to share ><

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2021.12.06 18:35 itMEurUSUALguy The Two Outlaws

The Two Outlaws
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2021.12.06 18:35 Gullible-Ability-751 My daily dribbling to improve (basics)

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2021.12.06 18:35 Tsunarmy Got some time from work to get around to painting. Not anything amazing but I enjoyed painting him.

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2021.12.06 18:35 vinpire04 what kind of chevy is this?

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2021.12.06 18:35 wbradleyjr1 No more Moderna doses for young men, after millions already given

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