What's the most you've been ripped off, and what did you do about it?

2021.12.06 18:40 LGabraham_ What's the most you've been ripped off, and what did you do about it?

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2021.12.06 18:40 owlxart After 1.5 years of preorder wait time I finally have the Montblanc 149 Calligraphy Flexible Nib!

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2021.12.06 18:40 Born_Calligrapher356 HomeLab specs

Hi all I'm looking for some advise, I'm currently planning to purchase my first home server, I plan to use it as an unraid NAS, with VMs for MS SQL and IIS, and some Debian boxes for dev work, and docker for some home automation, file downloading and backup tools as well as some dev work dockerising and testing azure functions.
I'm stuck deciding between these two machines: A Dell precision t7810 Tower workstation (£660) Dual xeon E5-2640 v3 (16c/32t total) 64gb ram 2 LFF drive bays single PSU (825W) https://www.bargainhardware.co.uk/dell-precision-t7810-tower-a-configure-to-order?c_b=36096

or basically the same spec in a HP proliant DL380 2u rack (£510) Dual xeon E5-2640 v3 (16c/32t total) 64gb ram 4 LFF drive bays dual PSU (800w) https://www.bargainhardware.co.uk/hp-proliant-dl380-gen9-2u-4x-3-5-lff?c_b=36099
The main reason I'd go for the tower is that I assume it will be quieter, but it's ~£100 more expensive and lacks the additional drive bays of the rack unit.
Are either of these a good option? would an R730/R720 be a better option? (though they seem to be more expensive) Is there anything else I should consider? and which one should I/would you go for?
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2021.12.06 18:40 Mom_of_zameer Ran my first TTz reaction!

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2021.12.06 18:40 DrWim Mixed sulfates project: (Cu/Zn)SO4.6H2O added to the family

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2021.12.06 18:40 Xii-Nyth Its not the chat dud it actually happens (UAE Journalist)

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2021.12.06 18:40 skinnyfvker "its me or that baby"

Opinions on this scene ?
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2021.12.06 18:40 Plus_Attorney1081 Feeling defeated. Upcoming drug screen.

So I'm in the process of on-boarding at a great hospital with amazing benefits. I've know this for two months now. Since I was asked for an interview (over two months ago) I've abstained from smoking weed, yet Im still testing dirty. I feel heart broken. I have my drug screen scheduled in a week and don't know what to do. Any suggestions? I feel stupid asking and really regret even picking up weed. I know it's my fault, but I'm desperate!
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2021.12.06 18:40 Theweedguy710 11/29 restock 😁

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2021.12.06 18:40 theoriginalnibblebit Create Flappy Game Mechanics with Unity & PlayMaker

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2021.12.06 18:40 Woodrow-Cruz4 MERRY CHRISTMAS

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2021.12.06 18:40 Gallantpride On other dogs while walking a reactive dog

I walk my dog around 5 PM
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2021.12.06 18:40 Judgecrusader6 If battlefield 1 had a sequal would you buy it?

If Dice were to delve into WW1 again visiting new fronts would you buy it? What would you like to see? Do you think EA would make it well or would it be a mess like BFV and 2042?
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2021.12.06 18:40 bot_neen Sesión de Primera Sala de la SCJN - 8 diciembre 2021

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2021.12.06 18:40 dirrtyremixes Danny Avila, Kris Kiss - The Baddest (Incl. Extended Mix) / ARMAS2124 / Armada Music

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2021.12.06 18:40 kifler Ottawa Flight School

I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to the various flight schools around Ottawa? I'm looking to potentially get my PPL and wondering if there are any benefits/drawbacks to any particular flight school. I figure I'll eventually want to get my instrument and night ratings as well.
Just wondering if there are any pros/cons to RFC vs OFC vs any others(?)
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2021.12.06 18:40 DrBarthoman743 Japanese vocabularu books

Hello. I'm aware, for example, Cambridge University Press has its "English Vocabulary in Use" series for english learners and I was wandering is there any Japanese vocabulary book you could recommend me? Thanks in advance
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2021.12.06 18:40 escapethe3RA gnuteardrops shares new Monero.Graphics repository

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2021.12.06 18:40 CupProfessional5715 🇩🇪 finest

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2021.12.06 18:40 coachmattchild Thank you! u/Geminerva

Got me a pizza, it was a huge help and made my day.
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2021.12.06 18:40 zwiqy Starbark Coffee is the BEST!

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2021.12.06 18:40 CptKicksville [PC][1990s] DOS, overhead view, face paced action game, medieval theme

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Overhead action
Estimated year of release: 1990s
Graphics/art style: 2D pixel
Notable characters: -Character played is some sort of knight, may have not been wearing a helmet.
Notable gameplay mechanics: -Overhead view. NOT isometric. -Fighting involved either shooting something, swordplay, or both. -There may have been something involving fire, specifically "phoenix" fire. -I recall it was at least somewhat fast paced - not much like Diablo or anything like that. -You could move in multiple directions to go to other rooms. It's possible rooms were screen sized with no scrolling, I can't quite remember. -Set entirely in some sort of castle, at least from what I played (I don't quite recall the primary shades...some sort of gray, brownish gray or greenish gray, etc)
Other details: This is a really tough one, as I remember almost nothing about it. As I recall I didn't play it much because it kept crashing or something. I believe it was downloaded - I was using America Online at the time.
For when I specifically discovered/played it, the earliest it could've been is maybe 1996. Probably 1997 or 1998, definitely no later than 1999.
I'm tempted to say the title had "phoenix" in it, but doing some searching with that doesn't reveal anything like what I'm thinking of. There was SOME kind of "fire" effect which I recall looking impressive, which may have involved either the main character or enemies shooting a large firey phoenix projectile.
The game was either demo or shareware. It's possible it may have been an outright incomplete or never completed game...I don't know why I have that feeling, I may have read it when it was downloaded.
I remember the graphics struck me as "impressive" in some way, like the way they were drawn, compared to everything else I was finding at the time...I'm not 100% sure why.
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2021.12.06 18:40 CateCrafter Wong Kar-wai: Chungking Express & In the Mood for Love Review

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2021.12.06 18:40 kaumaron Need accountant familiar with crypto law

Been trading/investing in crypto this year and also have a company that's doing some mining. Any recommendations for an accountant that is familiar with the current IRS guidelines?
Preferably located in North Jersey.
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2021.12.06 18:40 Jaws1391 Daily Mami #490

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