Really need a hug right now..

2022.01.18 13:22 -Cynthia15- Really need a hug right now..

Had a break up yesterday and it hurts.
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2022.01.18 13:22 sjarsacul exibicionismo e auto estima

Sou homem tenho 27 anos
Tenho uma auto estima baixa porém eu sinto muito prazer com exibicionismo. E isso meio q se retro alimenta. Eu me exibo pra ter um feedback bom e aumentar auto estima e tal.
Queria saber qual a relação de vcs com isso? Hoje eu tenho um twitter só pra postar nude e nus artísticos.
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2022.01.18 13:22 iwebwirenews Microsoft buys video game firm Activision for $68.7 billion - iWebWire

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2022.01.18 13:22 Key-Zookeepergame398 Robert Lewandowski voted world footballer 2021 - that's what the Bayern bosses say

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2022.01.18 13:22 sleepsucks How can we help Amazon vote to unionize on February 4? I'm convinced if they do, it'll be the tipping point for all of us

If Amazon unionizes, it'll be huge. They are such a pivotal company and such a major win would truly make a cultural difference and shift the conversation on what's possible/permissable.
What can we, anti-work, subscribers do to meaningfully help? I'm tired of just complaining, reading complaints. We need to do something.
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2022.01.18 13:22 Knightblight ich🎂iel

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2022.01.18 13:22 lwysae A Little Theory About Bink's Sake

Ok, everybody know about many theories that Bink's Sake hold some special meaning, maybe even hinting something about the One Piece itself.
I was thinking about the song and it's title and the word "Binks" got me wondering about it's meaning. English is not my first language so I googled it and discovered that apparently binks is a "bank of earth".

And that got me thinking. A bank of earth? Where was that mentioned before?

Yes, Fairy Vearth. The endless "bank" of earth that Enel seeked.
So Bink's Sake may be related to the moon? To deliver the sake to binks is to go to space?
Maybe the song will be what connects all the threads, the moon, the sky people, the mark on Dragon's face, Enel, the treasure and Joy Boy.
What you guys think?
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2022.01.18 13:22 MetricT Tennessee to deal with omicron surge longer than other states due to low vaccination rate

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2022.01.18 13:22 ChoppaNow Placeholders

If a player had a placeholder on your already created career mode and the face scan was in the title update, does it send the face scan into already existing career modes?
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2022.01.18 13:22 berniens Cover of "A Mad World Order", a spy thriller written by Paul Bernardo.

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2022.01.18 13:22 Fridaysgame Found one of our really old external hard drives while cleaning out our house, what cords are needed to access it?

It looks like a printer cord and a power cord but not sure exactly, posted pics below.
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2022.01.18 13:22 JacobDCRoss Expansion 3 is out for Katanas and Kimonos, and it's FREE. Two of the new features are useful for all games but geared especially for solo sessions. Power up yourself as a folk hero, but watch out, because now your enemies can reveal sudden powers in the middle of a conflict!

Expansion 3 is out for Katanas and Kimonos, and it's FREE. Two of the new features are useful for all games but geared especially for solo sessions. Power up yourself as a folk hero, but watch out, because now your enemies can reveal sudden powers in the middle of a conflict! submitted by JacobDCRoss to LasersAndFeelings [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:22 Ragnar_Targaryen [Tom Bogert] Sources: Portland Timbers and Estudiantes reach agreement in principle for Argentine youth int'l DM David Ayala. Deal would be $2.6m + add-ons when it's done. Estudiantes keep sell-on %. Ayala, 19, will be U22 Initiative signing. Already has 32 club apps + constant with ARG U17s.

[Tom Bogert] Sources: Portland Timbers and Estudiantes reach agreement in principle for Argentine youth int'l DM David Ayala. Deal would be $2.6m + add-ons when it's done. Estudiantes keep sell-on %. Ayala, 19, will be U22 Initiative signing. Already has 32 club apps + constant with ARG U17s. submitted by Ragnar_Targaryen to MLS [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 13:22 doboskombaya Mie mi se pare super exagerata frica de iminenta invazie ruseasca

timp de 45 de s-a tot prezis ca US si URSS o sa intre in razboi direct
carti s-au scris pe tema inevitabilitatii conflictului dintre cele doua superputeri,predictii sau facut cu duiumul
si totusi istoria e plictisitore si nimic nu s-a intamplat
iar incursiunile recente in Ucraina,armata rusa care ocupa Belarus,Kazakhstan sau Crimea tot nu sunt ceva neobisnuit
perioada comunista a vazut

tot ce se intampla in prezent e Rusia dominandu-si vecinii din fosta Uniune Sovietica
Rusia din prezent e militar vorbind mult mai slaba decat Russia in anii 80,cu toate avansurile tehnologice,
in anii 80,US si URSS aveau populatii asemanatoare
in prezent US depaseste Rusia la populatie cu 120%(330 vs 148 milioane locuitori)
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2022.01.18 13:22 Less-Recipe6466 A man in a new world.

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2022.01.18 13:22 PM_ME_SHITTY_PUNZ This is the reason I got a dashcam. I hate mid-turn mergers.

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2022.01.18 13:22 Broonskee Switching windows laptop to Linux mint concerns

So, I have a Lenovo Yoga 920. Really like the laptop, has great specs for what it is, I'm 90% there to switching to Linux. My only concerns are:
The only thing I consistently use my laptop for is writing on Word. Currently trying to write my first novel, so this is a deal breaker. Also the ability to back up my files to external SSD and my own nextcloud media server.
Some quality of life touchpad shortcuts I've become extremely attached to. E.g. three finger swipe up to see all windows, down to minimise everything. Two finger zoom. Two finger swipe up and down on webpages etc. I also have a touch screen which I sometimes use for illustrations etc.
I just don't know if all of those kind of built functions that I take for granted will come ready to go after the switch, or if it will be a big pain to get them all going.
All answers appreciated 👌
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2022.01.18 13:22 throwaway1994afx I don't like my trans sibling and no longer see them as a sibling

Call me bigotted I don't care, I have no one to talk about this so that's why I'm here. The whole situation makes me sad, I just want to try typing it out to see if it might help.
My brother is transitioning to female, and a few years into the process. The whole thing has been very hard on me and my family, but we all rally to support her and show our support and love. For this lets just call her "X". X has an extensive history of mental illness, starting at 18 with a few serious and dangerous psychotic episodes which would later be labelled as bipolar schizoaffective disorder. X also heavily abused psychadelics in his early teens, taking DMT, LSD and other hallucinogens weekly and sometimes daily. I blame this early drug use for his mental illness and suspect its correlated with her transgenderness. I kick myself for not being a better brother and stepping in and trying something, anything to get X away from those drugs and that crowd.
Psychotic episodes lasted until he was about 21, and for a year he was stable at home on medication. After about 2 years of being healthy and stable, he wanted to move back out of the house and down to the city. I was looking for a new place at the time, and offered to find a place for both of us, split the rent etc, so he could move out and we would both be able to afford rent better than living separately. I eventually find a house, and we sign the lease and are excited at our new start. A few days after the lease is signed and we're talking about our moving plans X tells me that by the way, he is transitioning to female. I remember being shocked, this was the first he had ever mentioned it, and I never had any idea that's what he wanted. I was immediately supportive and claimed it would make no difference, but in the back of my mind I was rather alarmed and confused at why X would wait and drop this on me now. Regardless, we move ahead and move on in. Things are great for the first few months but then X has his worst episode yet. Missing for days. Many details I wont get into...This event may be the most traumatic thing in my life. But X is eventually located, and institutionalized in a mental hospital. X is eventually released a week or so later and has to move back home with the parents.
In this time, we go to family therapy. My mother is distraught and doesnt know what to do, she just wants her child to be safe and healthy. My father equally upset, and asks in therapy if the mental illness has anything to do with the transgenderness. Can we fix the mental illness and will that change X's mind? The therapist says it doesn't even mater if the mental illness is related because regardless, it is what it is. That resonated and helped us move on.
Another year goes by, X improves, stays on meds and hormones and eventually is ready to move back to the city for school, so we try again. And honestly things are different this time. Being so up-close to the last psychotic episode, and the visual transformation of my brother turning into someone else simply felt painful to me. X's behavior is different and more shallow, i chalk it up to the meds, but we live together in relative harmony for another year.
2020 comes around, X is 2 years into transitioning at this point and COVID happens and I lose my job and go on unemployment while X remains employed and able to work from home. X resents me for this and becomes a bitter roommate. We argue over small roommate stuff like cleanliness and noise. A year later in 2021, X's childhood bestfriend (Whom he did all the hallucinogens' with as a teen) ODs on Percocet and dies. I was immediately there for X, cried with X, and took extra steps to take care of X and make life easier for a while as she mourned. I was worried at the time that this would be very bad for things, and it was ultimately another turning point.
She became even more bitter and quiet, eventually refusing to talk to me more than a single word and eventually we start avoiding each other entirely. Her behavior and our conversations make it clear that her resentment was growing. I began worrying about her mental health and worry that another episode is coming.. This all culminates when my parents sit me down and ask me why I'm being such a bad brother to X, why am I not supporting her and being nice to her, asking ME whats my problem? This comes as a shock because the reality is I had just been recently avoiding her, and had literally gone out of my way to be supportive when her friend passed. Now I was no longer bending over backwards to clean and take care of her and in the conversation with my parents I learn she had been complaining and badmouthing me to my mother daily. Her complaints range from entirely nonsensical to hyperbolic. She had claimed that I prevented her from seeing her best friend before he died. I wondered if she actually believed that happened, and how it was possible. From me opening a window after her cooking curries and bacon she had said that she was entirely afraid to cook in the kitchen and that's why she ordered food daily, sometimes 2x daily. (she refused to grocery shop over her social anxiety which was most likely part of the transition.
My response to the parent sitdown was that being badmouthed behind my back for half a year was rather unfair to me, and I pointed out that it seemed to me that I was being used as a convenient excuse for her antisocial behavior like the food ordering, and as an emotional punching bag for her grief and the stress of constantly living together during lockdown. She never once came to me to talk about the issues she had with me, and instead went to our mother which allowed her anger and resentment to grow. Despite me trying to be supportive of her during her tough time, she had been slandering me to my family and I came to the conclusion that our arrangement was no longer working. I would not renew my name on the lease set to expire in a few months. I wouldn't live with any roommate that talked shit about me to my parents over things that simply never even happened in the first place.
We all had another sit-down and talked, where I told X about how unfair the things she said were, how they hurt me, and thats why I didnt want to live with her anymore. I talk about how I'll still be supportive and love her, but that living with her was a detriment to my life.
Lockdown lifts, vaccine exist now its mid 2021 and i get my job back. I spend months hunting for a new place to live, and eventually find somewhere, farther from work, in a worse neighborhood, in a cheaper house full of DIY insanity from the owner. She is unable to find anyone else to live with. So my parents renew the lease where she's at and cover what would have been my share of the rent, while she continues to work from home.
We all still get together for thanksgiving and Christmas but things are different. We can't talk about childhood memories and any family stories because that would be mentioning X before he became a she. She has emotional outbursts over my parents accidently using the wrong name, despite them trying their hardest. We can't go out to eat or go out on the town because everything has to be catered around her specifically and she always gets whatever she wants because If you dont agree its because you hate her because she is trans. She manipulates my mother into giving her money to bail out her credit cards and doing favors for her so she never has to leave the house so she can live her antisocial lifestyle. Her slander had a significant impact on the relationship I have with my mother and to be honest I can not find a way to forgive her for that. I do not have any desire to talk to X anymore, but I will still be cordial when I must.
X is an entirely different person than the person I thought I was moving in with 4 years ago. X is an entirely different person than my brother I grew up with and loved. My brother has been replaced with a stranger, and that deeply makes me sad. I hate that this is the story of my family and that this is our experience. I hate that I don't have a brother, and that I have ultimately failed in being a good brother to X. I hate the amount of sadness that hangs over my family due to this. I hate the amount of pain and suffering my parents have gone through over this. My brother is gone and I have had no where to grieve his loss. It honestly eats me up inside. That's why I wrote this, and I do feel a little bit better. Thanks for reading, go ahead and report the post and call me a bigot.
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2022.01.18 13:22 NuncErgoFacite Watercolor by u/HomeWasGood that spoke to me about being tall

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2022.01.18 13:22 Xanek Today at 21:00JST - Roberu will be having a BAR ROBEL chatting collab with Kagura Mea

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2022.01.18 13:22 Winter-Exercise-495 Branson Robinson 5ft9 220lbs

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2022.01.18 13:22 skan76 Countries with similar names

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2022.01.18 13:22 greenhippiecat Should I leave?

I’ve been at my company for 3 years and was promoted a year ago to work under the VP of sales to handle data analysis and strategic planning. In general my boss is great, my company is good, and the pay is good. I’m torn on whether to leave - I work for a health insurance company and just don’t care about the industry, annoyed by all the corporate red tape and sales bs, and I really dread a lot of the strategic planning work I’m doing. I want to do just data analysis but I’m worried I’ll regret leaving. Advice?
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2022.01.18 13:22 purewisdom [WP] Your mom is the embodiment of Fate. As a kid you were slightly lucky--she refused to use her power to usurp free will. However, you're beginning to sense she wants grandkids from the amount of eligible partners that keep "randomly" showing up...and they're getting more specific to your type.

Her hypnotic voice came as whisper inches from my ear. “Is this seat taken?”
Mom was at it again. Explains why nobody sat next to me for half an hour. I imagined the stranger’s appearance before I turned around. A little game I played. When one is the son of Mother Destiny, keeping things interesting is a challenge.
I gestured at the stool next to me. “All yours.”
Mom really knocked it out of the park this time. My new friend didn’t look much different than the last girl, but a few differences made all the world. Curly hair instead of straight. Longer legs with an a-frame skirt to her knees. Actually my age, unlike the horde of younger ladies that originally heralded my mom’s obsession with procuring a grandchild.
“Thanks,” she said. Wow—perfect teeth too. The steakhouse’s other customers faded away behind her. “What are you drinking?”
“You bet.” Cherries, plum, and vanilla coated my tongue. Overseas wine could kiss my ass.
“Good choice. Mind ordering me one?”
I smirked, wondering what my mom overlooked. There was always something. “You bet.” I finished my drink and held up two fingers to the bartender. Pointed to my empty glass once I caught his attention.
“Thanks,” she said. “My name’s Meg.” She held out her hand sideways. Horizontal handshakes always bugged me. They reeked of bullshit chivalry, and I liked starting out on equal footing.
“Tom.” I accepted her handshake with genuine enthusiasm. “What brings you here tonight?”
“Just needed to get out, and I wanted to try somewhere new.”
“I get it.” I was beyond used to sudden inspiration inspiring chance encounters. We soaked up the sight of each other before I recommenced our conversation. “So, who’s your favorite author?” No use wasting time. I knew she read or she wouldn’t be here. Plus, I liked watching their surprise at the assumption.
“Richard Matheson.” Meg didn't surprise easy. “Familiar with him?”
Two wine glasses appeared in front of us. We cheered to each other and took our first sips.
“Very familiar,” I said. “I am Legend. What Dreams May Come. Hell House. Good choice.”
“I know.” If I thought her teeth were perfect before, I should’ve waited until she smiled. They redefined perfection. I actually started to fear blowing this. “Are you eating dinner too?”
“I wasn’t planning on it,” I said, “but I’m a little hungry all the sudden. You?” Half flirting, half honest. Mom knew all the tricks to skirt the lines of free will.
She grabbed a nearby menu and gave it a scant perusal before setting it down. “Same. Funny how that works. What do you do for a living?”
“Marketing for physicians.”
“No kidding. I’m a doctor.”
“Oh yeah. What kind?”
I choked on my wine.
Meg drummed the bar top. “Something wrong with that?”
“No,” I chuckled. “Not at all. Just a funny coincidence. Was considering visiting one, for, you know.” I imitated a pair of snipping scissors. I immediately regretted it. What if she wanted kids? For once, I could actually see myself—
“Want my number?” She inched closer.
Relief washed over me. “Depends. Do you date your patients?”
“Not usually, but I’m willing to make an exception.”
I expected an oversight, but never one of this magnitude. Dear old mom did her job a little too well tonight. I offered Mother Destiny a silent prayer as thanks, this time as a common patron instead of a son.
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2022.01.18 13:22 Acaconym Mackays lemon curd jar makes a rather good dosing cup. It’s actually quite nice to be able to see if the grinds are in the basket before you pull the cup off.

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