Finished my diy rig late last year

2022.01.18 14:26 yobdrzl Finished my diy rig late last year

Finished my diy rig late last year In total cost just under £100 in new resources, rest was made via scrap wood in my shed. Put together just in-time for the arrival of my csl dd.
  • £40 Subaru Seat (ebay find)
  • £40 X2 sleepers (they were cut in half to be used as the base and sides as you can see in images)
All in all, very sturdy and does the job. I've not had any issues with anything feeling like it will snap or break which is great.
The monitor stand being screwed into the window sill was purely due to me not wanting to wait for my new desk to be complete so I am working on a cleaner version two of the rig. Less scrap wood, screws of doom and a little nicer to look at.
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2022.01.18 14:26 booboobooboobooboobs Going to a Star Wars themed trivia night for the first time. If you could, please share some of your favorite Star Wars trivia!

I'm a proud Star Wars nerd. I have 130+ comics, have read something nine or ten books (mostly legends but oh well), and watch all the movies a couple times a year. I'm going to my first even Star Wars themed trivia night with my friends at a local bar and am looking to expand my arsenal in preparation for tonight. I'm guessing they're going to focus on the movies and potentially clone wars and rebels. I would be really surprised if they asked any questions on anything related to comics or books but who knows. Shoot me some of your favorite SW trivia!
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2022.01.18 14:26 Ok_Squirrel259 American Colonial Empire (If America never colonized the Philippines)

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2022.01.18 14:26 elmiraguth What exactly does it mean that "Microsoft bought Blizzard"?

Not sure if this is a good place to ask.
Basically today Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard, or so news articles say.
But Activision Blizzard is a publicly traded company, isn't it? Does this news mean that they basically bought majority stake? Did they somehow find the owners of 51% of the stocks and buy them? Can anyone explain this to me please? What is the exact transaction that happened?
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2022.01.18 14:26 rwn_ "Orbán Sára új cége több fontos NER-vállalattal azonos telephelyen működik” | Oligarchia

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2022.01.18 14:26 RuffRyder101 LFGGGG!!! GOT MY "I OWN AMC" NFT! TIME AVERAGE UP BABY!

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2022.01.18 14:26 sombreroGodZA Should I give a free starting feat to a PC who rolled bad stats?

A brand new player has rolled up stats for a sorcerer, with a 14 as their highest and a 6 and 7 as their lowest. It's noticeably lower than the group average, and I feel bad enough to want to give them something, but hopefully nothing too unfair that makes the other players feel worse.
I've considered feats such as Metamagic Adept, Elemental Adept: Acid (they're a Black Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer) and a few other minor ones, but I'm scared that some feats are either too unfair to give only one caster (Warcaster, maybe Spell Sniper?) and others might be too weak to even consider.
I'm also toying with the idea of giving her a pseudodragon familiar, but I figured that could happen in game rather.
Do you guys have any suggestions? Should I just let her play a weaker character or should I give her something small?
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2022.01.18 14:26 OhioAasimar AVAILABLE NOW: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

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2022.01.18 14:26 human8ure Tax question

Is this a correct assessment: When you sell a stock you have to pay income tax on it, so you should not sell until it has gained more than enough to cover the taxed portion.
So, if you buy a stock and then 2 years later sell it for the exact same price, you are at a loss for the taxed amount.
I know there are different ways of being taxed (capital gains short & long term), I’m mostly just wondering if I have the above understanding basically correct. Much thanks.
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2022.01.18 14:26 Consistent_Music_189 G-Shock G8900: My dad's last gift before he passed away.

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2022.01.18 14:26 PoloG_1300 Bruh this is too much, Pressa? French? Not polo? Something is fishy

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2022.01.18 14:26 BillGates_mousepad The anxiety of swiping a debit card once and declining because of insufficient funds never goes away

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2022.01.18 14:26 BrighamYoung Mueller witness pleads guilty in illegal scheme to funnel UAE money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign

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2022.01.18 14:26 notchickeechum Looking thick and strange. She’s trying to convince herself she looks good and we’re all over it. Lmao

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2022.01.18 14:26 SalamiMommie May be planning a trip to Disney World

Me and my wife have only been one time and that was in 2017. We now have a three year old son who is wanting to go.
Over the past two years we’ve had two vacations planned but had to cancel due to covid/situations. We’re really debating hard on booking since we’re talking about wanting to plan another baby. Also this would be the one time I guess we could go for a while if that be the case.
We’re talking about going late august and trying to see about the Halloween party and maybe one of the water parks since he loves water parks. Which one do you recommend for toddlers?
He’s been to Dollywood in Tennessee many times and Splash country. He seems to do really well with them and has also been to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC a few times.
I guess the only hesitation we have is how much the price has changed. I see a lot of people talking about how much it changed and it definitely has since 2017. We definitely plan on doing an all star resort .
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2022.01.18 14:26 TheRapidTrailblazer The difficulty of a class can probably be determined from the syllabus quiz

(easy quiz=easy,medium difficulty)

(complicated or lengthy quiz=complicated, big workload difficulty)

Im noticing a pattern here
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2022.01.18 14:26 MarisKleykars Buy Generic Viagra Online

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On a wave of pleasure. Get on with Viagra!
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2022.01.18 14:26 SorrogWaltz Mega Aerodactyl 5655 7551 5627

5655 7551 5627
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2022.01.18 14:26 International_Gur651 Polished core sic insert.

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2022.01.18 14:26 Bjorn1222 5 wins in a row, I had to stop so I could show it wasn't hall of fame 😄

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2022.01.18 14:26 N7ASWCC @Jamie-Lynn Spears

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2022.01.18 14:26 Cadelinha_do_Hoseok_ BTS JHope Sexy Back FMV

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2022.01.18 14:26 Big_Kaleidoscope_498 What is the cringiest thing you've ever seen?

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2022.01.18 14:26 wot_studios My favorite sex toy

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2022.01.18 14:26 synaptic_gardens "Ninja Fruit" (grape ape x grapefruit haze) for this week's Trich Tuesday. My go to "purp" strain

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