Muslim women banned from School in India for wearing the Hijab by Hindus

2022.01.18 14:11 kamikazeuser Muslim women banned from School in India for wearing the Hijab by Hindus

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2022.01.18 14:11 raaner12 El exchange coreano Bithumb lanzará un mercado de NFT

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2022.01.18 14:11 porrima007 My first NFT: sock of the world. Link in the comments

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2022.01.18 14:11 jookco thomas humphrey obituary : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 14:11 LoneStarDragon Microsoft now owns Activision Blizzard, including Spyro and Warcraft

Does this acquisition include any other dragon-related properties?
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2022.01.18 14:11 supermariopants Captain Sun-Young, Pirate of the Blue - Full Character Art

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2022.01.18 14:11 dinomillio Disgusting

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2022.01.18 14:11 aaronrkc Extinction A.D. - "Mastic"

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2022.01.18 14:11 daytripper96 Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (1970)

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2022.01.18 14:11 hakunamatatamatafuka Echogenic Focus??

I had my 20 week scan last week and everything looked great. The only problem was that they couldn't get good pictures of baby's heart because of his position. From what they did see though, they said they saw an echogenic focus. Apprently its a tiny white spot that shows up on the ultrasound... it is believed to be a small calcium deposit. It can be a marker for down sydrome, but is usually only considered one if there are other soft markers which there hasnt been. I have had all the prenatal tests and everything came back negative so I am not really worried about down syndrome. My doctor said with this being the only thing they've seen, its generally nothing to worry about but it's still really, really bothering me. Just looking for some reassurance or similar scenarios that resulted in healthy babies.
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2022.01.18 14:11 Hep8866 What did my mechanic do to my truck, he somehow lowered the gas mileage.

Ok so, my dad drives a 2012 Honda Ridgeline. And my dad took it to a mechanic and my dad asked him “why is my Honda using a lot of gas?” The truck has about 86k miles (140k km) So then, I asked my dad what the mechanic did and my dad said “he plugged in his scan tool and then used a socket and screwdriver.”
So basically, what did the mechanic do? How did he improve the gas mileage? It went from 18 MPG to 21 MPG (12.4L/100km) to (11.3L/100km)
Thanks to whoever replies
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2022.01.18 14:11 Immediate_Kitchen_31 I need a code to apply. Please and thank you!

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2022.01.18 14:11 ichbin-deinvater Is Workspaces no longer available in Edge Canary?

I was extremely surprised when Microsoft finally managed to write and enable a useful feature in Edge. It was the Woekspaces, a somewhat hidden feature that you "activate" via command line or in the shortcut adding a --enable-features=msWorkspaces

C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\Application\msedge.exe" --enable-features=msWorkspaces 
This feature was extremely useful, but as anything useful, as usual, looks like MS turned it off. I can't find an article less than six months old that explains how to re-activate the feature. Do you know how?
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2022.01.18 14:11 Confident-Night-5836 A @ bu

just glad to get a decision 3.3mid 173 urm
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2022.01.18 14:11 pleaselovem3 Why do you lose so many fucking points when you get killed what?!?

I’m raging cuz I had like 50 and I lost 42 how is that even allowed. Sometimes I lose 3 and other times 25 how is this decided?
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2022.01.18 14:11 Teoz_Productions Meaux - Esbly Airfield (LFPE) #1

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2022.01.18 14:11 Romzan98 Find Professional Hackers for hire at Cheap Price

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2022.01.18 14:11 fadingstar52 I want to play the games

the most recent one I don't even know what it is but I want it for the characters but if I'm being honest the gameplay looks bad. any reviews? I don't want to buy it and hate the gameplay I play xenoverss dbfighterz ninja storm. to name a few of the anime fighting games I play. what's the community think?
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2022.01.18 14:11 youreverysmartbrah What’s the difference between a Sig minimalist stock and the Sig “Kate moss” stock?

Looking for a stock for my SBR scorpion. Also, where would be the cheapest place to buy one?
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2022.01.18 14:11 SK4LL420 Wer kennt es nicht

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2022.01.18 14:11 WaltzCurious8451 me_irl

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2022.01.18 14:11 The-Shadow-Master An underwater scene - 3D render.

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2022.01.18 14:11 madmickshereagain Brunswick bowling alley

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2022.01.18 14:11 BakaOujiSama1 Aberaku's Quest ALL 3 OFFERINGS LOCATIONS Obtain The Divine Bridle Hyper...

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2022.01.18 14:11 zeen516 Are there any sensors like a ground penetrating radar that functions on a smaller scale?

I'm looking to map an image of an object past a sheet of paper, or something as thin. I was thinking that Ground penetrating radar sensors might be good to use but I don't see any smaller scale uses for GPR. Are there other types of sensors I could look into for this type of application?
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