Mfw working 9-5 is not real

2022.01.18 13:11 Ho_KoganV1 Mfw working 9-5 is not real

You actually work either 8-5pm or 9-6pm. In some cases, you’re expected to work through your lunch hour and work 9hours or more.
Maybe 9-5 was real at one point, I never was able to see this in the real world. But that’s how good companies can poison drip you, they take your freedom like a toad boiling in hot water, until it’s too late and it’s the norm now.
I understand that rights are exploited in non-office jobs, but just wanted to also point out that being micromanaged for 9hours everyday in an office chair is no easy task either.
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2022.01.18 13:11 jenny_pwnz Acquired a signed Bulma from a buddy. Love it ❤️

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2022.01.18 13:11 cody31416 ¿Qué debería hacer en el trabajo?

Buenos días, hace poco entré a trabajar en cierto lugar, venía de otro sitio al que llamaré "abismo", gané mucha experiencia pero me explotaban y pagaban con pizza... o ni eso, a veces era con "tener más notoriedad con el jefe", en fin, cuando entré a este nuevo lugar todo parecía muy bonito, siempre he dado ese "extra", ya saben, quedarme más tiempo, ayudar en cosas que podrían ayudar a los demás, ayudo a mis nuevos compañeros con una introducción sin que nadie lo pida y un largo etcétera. Mi nivel de compromiso ha sido al 110%.
Bueno, el área creció y por azares del destino me enteré de que algunos de los nuevos empleados con una experiencia casi idéntica a la mía les ofrecieron una mejor oferta que a mí (posiciones más altas, mejores salarios, etc.) y platicando un poco me entero de que entraron "por recomendación" y sin hacer examen de prueba, no me molestaría si el trabajo fuera el esperado, sin embargo, a algunos de ellos el saco les queda grande.
En fin, comenté un poco sobre qué podría esperar y no fueron claros, fue algo como "quizás en año y medio veas crecimiento", "fuiste tú quien aceptó esa oferta" (cuando salía del abismo).
No quiero sonar malagradecida ni mucho menos y en general el ambiente laboral... sigue siendo mejor que el abismo, sin embargo, ahora me siento muy muy muy frustrada.
He pensado en buscar otro trabajo, pero tengo menos de un año aquí, y no sé qué debería hacer 😔.
Nota: Estoy en mis late 20s, estudié matemáticas y la empresa está relacionada con la programación.
¡Muchas gracias por leer!
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2022.01.18 13:11 Pear-applecake Stuck in story missions

I completed a story mission (The "Engine" of Tom Davies) I got the gold medal and the mission reappeared, I replayed it and it reappeared again on the map so I can’t move on to an other mission.
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2022.01.18 13:11 Vobisbuttoned Does anyone know his hair cut measurements or name?

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2022.01.18 13:11 AMY_ROSE_Worshiper looks how happy he is to be at the beach! | art by: ichisuke150

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2022.01.18 13:11 Ayushmaan_Mishra An free open-source alternative to Adobe XD for simple web design

So I want to do some simple web design, urgently.
Something that works on Windows 7 (As I don't have my primary pc), or preferably a web app.
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2022.01.18 13:11 bwaredapenguin Canes Recall Leivo From Chicago, Keane reassigned

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2022.01.18 13:11 jeeblesss I'll be surprised if it makes it to season 2.

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2022.01.18 13:11 matthewgcw TEW 2020 - WWE | Episode 51: Royal Rumble 2022 Go-Home Shows!!

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2022.01.18 13:11 Zacti_0 how can i make the water brushes automatically move up and down

title says all

I'm trying to simulate waves in my map since some areas have shallow water which i wanted so that the beach areas in my map connect to each other and so cars can cross without a bridge but it might cause problems for people who want to use boats (the map is for Gmod)

if it helps, what I don't want is to have water brushes move horizontally like with the wave maps just vertically up and down
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2022.01.18 13:11 Strider_21 My new addiction. Definitely recommend if you love dill.

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2022.01.18 13:11 GoneToDevNull Brim Referral Code - Get a $10 sign up bonus. 19538 - The No-Fee Foreign Exchange Card (Canada)

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2022.01.18 13:11 daveclampart The Best Defense, Me, Digital, 2022

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2022.01.18 13:11 BuntaroBuntaro If Logan were built in the 50s

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2022.01.18 13:11 Lime3419 Best ethereum youtuber?

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2022.01.18 13:11 dannylenwinn Mass riots that erupted in Kazakhstan in January were aimed at destroying republic’s integrity and state’s fundamentals, KZ's first President Nazarbayev said on Tuesday. 'Stability and calm have always been my goal. Everyone must take care of these ever-lasting values.'

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2022.01.18 13:11 maybe-yeah With the Microsoft Acquisition, what happens with the EO lawsuit?

Is this case going to ever resolve now that Microsoft is in charge? Or is EO even more screwed because now they get the Microsoft lawyer team with infinite money real life hacks?
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2022.01.18 13:11 vrphotosguy55 People avoid the places… where the most people live?

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2022.01.18 13:11 NickOrbz Why do most painters/decorators wear white trousers?

I was sat in a spoons and seen about 6/7 painters and decorators all grabbing a coffee, presumably on their lunch break, and noticed that they all were wearing white trousers, and now I’m not going to sleep tonight, I need to know why!?
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2022.01.18 13:11 MCKlassik How many other lies have I been told by the council

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2022.01.18 13:11 mevskonat Does cloudflare tunnel works with google tts?

I am interested in using cloudflare tunnel but wondering if it can block google text to speech
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2022.01.18 13:11 TheLogosBecameFlesh Lamentations Affirms Our Hope

"For the Lord will not cast us off forever. Even if He causes grief, He will show compassion according to His abundant loving devotion. For He does not willingly afflict or grieve the sons of men." - Lamentations 3:31-33
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2022.01.18 13:11 CurtNoName Why did Jan tell Michael not too date Holly?

Was it reverse psychology? Did she really not want Michael to date her? Why would she even care?
Thank you for your answers!
I hope this kind of post is allowed on this sub. If not, just delete it
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2022.01.18 13:11 JefftheITguy I keep blowing out the crotch of my pants. HELP!

NL recommended some fancy pants in several SAP videos, but I cannot for the life of me remember the brand that he mentioned. Can you lads help me out?
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